There is no exam in this course; thus, you will do different weekly assignments, on the basis of which I will evaluate your performance in this course.


Readings. You are required to do the readings before class for which they are assigned. Come prepared: be ready to discuss the points raised by the authors as well as the terms and concepts mentioned in the texts. Your participation will be evaluated weekly (except for the days of group presentations.)

Talk response. You are required to attend at least two (out of five) public talks by the invited speakers in the series “Information Wars and Struggles” organized by the FIMS faculty. A joint response / review of two talks is due any time before or on March 28. Format: four (4) pages, double space, 12 Times New Roman. No cover page.

Individual presentation. Each of you will give one short (5-7 min / 5 slides) presentation on the term of your choice. The list of terms and notions can be found on the course website. Some of the terms are discussed in the assigned readings and you will have to summarize them and to provide examples and/or wider contexts. Other terms and notions are not mentioned in the readings and will require some research beyond the assigned material. If you don’t know where to start looking, ask me. In most cases, I either have the resources or know how to access them and I will be happy to share this information with you.

Quizzes. There will be two quizzes – 20 minutes each – on February 8 and on March 28. You will be asked to provide four (4) paragraph-long definitions of the terms we will learn during the course. These definitions will come from the assigned readings, our class discussion, your presentations and my lectures.

Group project. During the first weeks of the term, you will assemble 4 groups to work on a course project related to the topic of social media and organizations. The form and content of these projects may vary: from a case study or research project in the form an essay for publication in a journal or a website demonstrating the results of your research to a panel discussion on a relevant subject drawn from or inspired by the course content. I will discuss the specifics of this assignment with you in class on January 18. I will also provide the templates for your midterm project presentation. And then your collaboration will commence!

The stages of project development:

Date Task
1/22 Submit the list of your team members by adding it to a designated google document.
1/25 – 2/2 During this time, your team or several team representatives should meet with me to discuss the preliminary idea of your project including social media platforms and strategies to use. Mind that my office hours are limited: schedule a meeting in advance. No further consultations will be provided after February 2.
2/3 – 2/21 Work on your project plan and rationale.
2/22 Midterm presentation of the project concept and rationale with a detailed plan of its implementation, a timetable with the division of responsibilities within your team. Immediate feedback from your colleagues and I will be provided by the end of our class. (The quality of your feedback will be evaluated – see the Grade Composition table on the course syllabus).
2/23 – 4/3 Project execution.
4/4 Presentation of your work.


Both mid-term presentations and final presentations will be evaluated on the basis of 1) performance (i.e., keeping the schedule above), 2) content (i.e., significance of your project, its viability and the division of labour between team members) and 3) presentation (i.e., clarity).