1/4 – Course introduction. Social media landscape of 2016. Corporate and alternative platforms

1/11 – Community. Organization. Corporation. Social media as part of the military-industrial-entertainment complex

  • ViewingThe Corporation (Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott, 2003); The Net (Lutz Dammbeck, 2003) [optional; fragments in class]
  • Talk (Jan 13) Antoine Bousquet: Under a Martial Gaze: The Logistics of Military Perception (NCB 293 at 12-1:20 pm)

1/18 – Tactical media

1/25 – Reverse engineering social media

2/1 – Power relation and power struggle: net neutrality. “Facebook Internet,” or When will the Internet disappear?

2/8 – The filter bubble.

2/15 – no class – reading week

2/22 – Social media and the state. The Filternet. Algorithmic surveillance and protocological control

2/29 – Mid-term group project discussion / presentation

  • Talks (March 2) Andrei Soldatov & Irina Borogan: Surveillance and Control in Russia; (March 3) Andrei Soldatov & Irina Borogan: The Red Web book launch (Museum London at 7-9 pm)

3/7 – Complicity and disobedience

  • Presentations: Cyberfeminism (i.e. Sadie Plant, VNS Matrix, Shu Lea Cheang, subRosa, Sandy Stone, Deep Lab, Laurel Ptak); Electronic Disturbance Theater (original and 0.2), Deterritorial Support Group, RSG (Radical Software Group), The Yes Men, Francesco Finizio, Zack Blas, Josh Bagley

3/14 – Alternative social media

  • Readings (handouts distributed in class): Christian Fuchs & Marisol Sandoval, “The Political Economy of Capitalist and Alternative Social Media”
  • Presentations: Riseup, Crabgrass, Diaspora*, Kloak, Creative Commons, Reddit
  • Talk (March 17) Gabriella Coleman: How Anonymous (Narrowly) Evaded the Cyberterrorism Rhetorical Machine

3/21 – Anonymous (dis)organization

3/28 – Reading the Snowden files

4/4 – Final project presentations